Thursday, October 31, 2013

Taking money advice

Celia says #57 (lock)
Celia says #57 (lock) (Photo credit: Brett Jordan)
I've started taking some financial advice. I'm 34 and not impressed by my finances. This blog is the result of my dedication to making a change.

I've recently taken the advice to start using a budget, specifically's software. I started about six months ago and my finances have already improved dramatically. But a lot has happened for me financially in that time.

I'm taking Mr. Money Mustache's advice on the news and transportation, although I already had the same opinions as him. So now I'm going to scour more of his wisdom for application in my life.

I've poorly (in my opinion) decided to take general society's advice about college (pay to buy a paper that most people your age have and no one needs). So I'm in a place of regret there, but I'm looking at what I can do better from here on out.

So here I'm going to share what happens as I take advice, don't take advice, and fight for my financial health.

Today, my net worth is -25,051.18 with $29,844.87 assets and $54,896.15 debts

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